About Us

Our Pastor

Pastor Evan Hill leads us in uplifting, educational and inspirational worship and bibles studies, all the while encouraging us along a path of continual learning.

We Care

At Patton we don't only care about those within our church, it is pleasure and duty to care about those in our community and to help and service in any capacity we can. 

Come and Visit Us

If you believe as we do that a church is more than just the building, that it's the people, please come and meet us and Pastor Evan, we'd love to meet you. Many have said that as they walk through our door for the first time they feel as though it's home, like they've been there many times before. That's how we want to to feel. That you're in your home church. Whether you're just a visitor to the area, you come for the summers or you live here full time, you'll be welcomed just the same.

119 Patton Church Road, Franklin, NC